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Chassis Dynamometer (HDV)

8x8 Multi-Axle Independent Chassis Dynamometer

For emission, fuel economy, climatic or altitude & performance testing available for heavy duty vehicles

Chassis dynamometer having world class control algorithms coupled with innovative mechanical designs and integration technology has been completely developed over the acquisition period by TeSys for Hofmann TeSys GmbH and Froude Hofmann chassis dynamometer product IP from 2016 up to 2018.

TeSys 8x8 Multi-Axle Independent Chassis Dynamometer, this all-wheel drive chassis dynamometer is suitable for testing heavy-duty multi-axle commercial vehicles.

Each individual side mounted AC motor is coupled to a 48" roller and is capable of delivering accurately controlled high tractive forces. The axles can be configured and adjusted automatically to suit a wide range of vehicles with an innovative rack and pinion traversing system. TeSys has a complete project experience at China North Industries (NORINCO) as supplying a 8x8 independent chassis dynamometer with powertrain dynamometer to simulate a real road conditions inside the climatic & altitude chamber.

TESYS - Dynamometer - Chassis Dynamometer (HDV) - 8x8 Multi-Axle Independent Chassis Dynamometer



TeSys Chassis Dynamometer: Applicable to heavy-duty multi-axle commercial vehicles & military vehicles

The dynamometer features a four-quadrant AC multi drive unit and TeSys own distributed I/O control system architecture. With the integrated data acquisition system, powerful test schedule editor and graphical user interface this provides a total solution to Commercial Vehicle testing.

The dynamometer system also features in-cell safety and vehicle restraint equipment, driver’s display monitor and vehicle axle weighing system.

The control system is provided with a real-time control processor and fully configurable GUI processor running Windows™ operating system.

Central server function and host computer interfaces are available to enable data and test information to be managed effectively.

The unique control techniques and software algorithms ensure highly accurate synchronization of the individual roll sets.

TeSys has a range of specialist dynamometers to provide accurate and repeatable road load simulation, speed, force and acceleration control. Variable speed cooling fans can also be provided to reproduce the required air flow simulation.



  • Expansion possible beyond standard 8x8 configuration
  • Exceeds International legislation for performance and accuracy
  • Infinitely adjustable wheel based positions
  • Modular design
  • Alternative restraint systems for a wide range of vehicles
  • Data acquisition and monitoring system
  • Designed for heavy duty Commercial Vehicles
Typical Operating Condition (Climatic Version):

Temperature Range: –40˚C to +60˚C

Humidity Range: 5 to 95% RH

Altitude Range: –100 m to 4,000 m


Standard Features & Optionals

  • Direct throttle control, throttle actuator or full robot driver (Stand-alone)
  • Variable speed cooling fans
  • Pull down system
  • Driver’s aid & Data acquisition
  • Vehicle positioning devices
  • Rigid link retention system
  • Automated wheel guards/roll covers



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