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Chassis Dynamometer (HDV)

72" Chassis Dynamometer for Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles

Electric vehicles (FCEV, HEV, PHEV) multi functional testing purposes such as battery efficiency within climatic chamber (complex environment), mileage accumulation, endurance and performance

Chassis dynamometer having world class control algorithms coupled with innovative mechanical designs and integration technology has been completely developed over the acquisition period by TeSys for Hofmann TeSys GmbH and Froude Hofmann chassis dynamometer product IP from 2016 up to 2018.  Now, TeSys can present a strong platform for the compete range of chassis dynamometer products contributable to Research and Development purpose with configurable versions for Battery Efficiency (PHEV, HEV, BEV), Emission, Performance/Endurance,Climatic, NVH and other bespoke applications to suit military, heavy/medium/light duty vehicles as well as motorcycle / AGV / ATV / 2-wheelers. Our chassis dynamometer has multiple solutions from a simple 1 wheel drive motorcycle to a fully independent 16x16 special commercial vehicle system applicable to conventional and e-drive vehicles.

TeSys chassis dynamometer for heavy-duty-vehicles (HDV) are manufactured for tests requiring high torque response and also capable of axle loads up to 30,000 kg while steadily providing repeatable and reliable test results with a realistic tire rolling performance and suitable for vehicles with dual and single rear tires.

TESYS- Dynamometer - Chassis Dynamometer (HDV) - 72" Chassis Dynamometer for Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles



TeSys HDV Chassis Dynamometer: Applicable to present and emerging future e-mobility technologies, encompassing hybrid, battery-powered, and fuel cell electric vehicles.

The TeSys 72”Heavy-duty chassis dynamometer is available in New Electric vehicles & SUVs for 2WD, 4WD and 4x4 “independent” configurations. The chassis dynamometer utilizes an independent in-line configuration between 72” rolls and motors,which conforms with the USA EPA & SAE directive for economy & performance testing, both domestic and international testing regulations This provides a compact solution with even complex minimum pit area requirements. Dynamometer and peripheral equipment are designed for quick and efficient set-up, with an important emphasis on operator safety and ease of use.



  • Self compensating ‘frictionless’ design
  • Thermally stabilized load measurementsystem
  • Twin encoders for increased accuracy
  • Rigid, one-piece baseframe
  • Compact design AC motor with low vibration, efficient cooling and high performance
  • Real-time control processor and Distributed I/O architecture
  • Graphical user interface with Windows™operation system
  • Automated dynamometer performance testing routines
  • 2WD vehicle restraint wheel chocks
  • 4WD vehicle restraint
  • In-cell drivers control handset
  • Personnel safety protection barriers
  • Above floor dead-weight load calibration


  • EV-BEPMS (Performance Measurement System: SAE J1634 Battery Economy & Efficiency) testing with the utilization of Power Analyzer & Driver’s Aid
  • Climatic and environmental testing (Solar-panel system)
  • Vehicle road load simulation for customer test requirements
  • State of Charge (SOC) & Performance testing
  • FCEV, BEV, PHEV, HEV testing applicable
  • Maximum vehicle propulsion ability test (SAE J1666, KSR11377)
  • Integrated Hydrogen Fuel-Efficiency Measurement System (FCEV)
  • Various domestic HDV test regulations applicable such as NIER Mode-12

Standard Features & Optionals

  • 2WD, 4WD or 4x4 Independent configuration
  • 2WD upgradeable to 4WD
  • High-speed version up to 160km/h
  • Climatic (typically –45°C to +70°C) design with climatically exposed or insulated pit options
  • Integrated or stand-alone robot driver
  • Driver’s-Aid laptop/PC
  • Automatic ‘vehicle centering and lift’ systems
  • Automated wheel guards/roll covers
  • AK or ASAM communication links to test-cell host or
  • exhaust gas analyzer equipment
  • Test facility host computer system
  • Data acquisition with powerful graphical presentation and analysis tool & package
  • Vehicle cooling fan
  • Driver’s handset
  • Various standards including UL, BV, and CNOMO
  • Robot Driver (SBW/CAN/OBD2, Throttle Actuator)
  • INCA CAN communication interface (dSpace, ETAS)



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