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Powertrain Dynamometer

Heavy-Duty Powertrain Tester

Powertrain test benches for research & development purpose including military types of vehicles

Powertrain tester is developed by TeSys own engineering and design capability since 2017 for off-load heavy duty vehicle application that is to simulate various road load conditions for performance test of in-vehicle powertrain under complex high altitude and extremely high/low climatic environment. The circumstance of powertrain testing is undergoing radical change driven by the global challenges and needs for reduced dependence on fossil-fuels ad improved carbon footprints demanding changes in the technologies used in all type of vehicles.  

This, in turn, has a direct impact on approaches to the testing of powertrain components and systems. Our powertrain test solution can offer a benefit from the combination of our expertise and experience in engine and chassis dynamometer design, control and integration techniques along with other ancillaries like robot driver and virtual driver for advanced simulation tools to ensure for us to provide the optimized solution for powertrain and transmission testing requirements.  

TESYS - Dynamometer - Heavy-Duty Powertrain Tester



TeSys Powertrain Tester can test and simulate the driving resistance, real-time road resistance, and gradient forces in the composite & complex environment of military vehicles or military tanks.

Through the adjustment and modification of virtual vehicle parameters (more than 16), it creates an environment for driving in actual mountainous terrain and road segments, allowing for the specification of specific frictional forces and driving cycles.

Furthermore, the design allows real-time control of force demand values for powertrain friction resistance, wind resistance (pressure and temperature differences due to changes in altitude) through the integrated S/W along with the Schedule Editor.

TeSys has a record of completed projects with the Chinese Defense Research Institute.



Whilst in operation all pressures and temperatures need to be monitored and immediate shutdown should be initiated if any of these lie outside of the acceptable limits.

The AC motor is cooled at motor cooler on side of motor by water circulation. Main design concept is to meet the customer requirements for the environmental requirements, dynamo performance and accuracies, lifting and supporting of test vehicles, minimization of environment impact at wall-through shaft etc.

The TM rig consists of foot mounted 780kW AC motor and front mounted torque measuring flange connected by a torsionally stiff membrane flexible coupling to a 2 ratio speed-up gearbox assembly.

The AC motor has motoring and absorbing capability over the speed range 0 –950 rpm in both directions of rotation.

A fabricated baseframe carries the AC motor and the torque measuring flange system stator, enabling these elements to be accurately aligned during initial assembly.



The forces created during operation are those inducing rotation of the shaft during motoring or resisting rotation during absorbing, together with friction in the shaft bearings. The resulting force is measured by a torque hub mounted in the drive line. The torque hub provides a pulsed signal proportional to torque which is measured by the instrumentation system.

Each of the AC machines is force ventilated and provides power for both motoring and absorbing power/torque to and from the test vehicle.

Gearbox, 2 speed –Gear change at zero speed




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